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What is CeonStock?

Ceonstock is a non-traditional stock footage platform in which all of the videos can be customized to suit your needs.

Our content is created by highly professional visual effects and motion graphics artists to deliver polished and photo-realistic results. Whether you are creating a brand, movie, advertisement or data visualization, you can get high quality, custom-built video, delivered quickly and easily.

The process is fast, easy and effective. (Learn how it works) or (browse our library)

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Who is CeonStock?

Created by artists, for artists. CeonStock was conceptualized as a way to provide visual effects and digital media artists with fair opportunities to make a living through passive income.

We want to help artists break out of the traditional multimedia project model (trading time for little money, often with high-stress deadlines) and empower them to develop their own projects which can be marketed to the world.

Unlike traditional stock websites, we believe that artists should be taking home the majority of the profits on a sale. After all, they did most of the work!

At the same time, we've made it possible for consumers to get premium quality, customized Visual Effects and multimedia products for quicker and cheaper than has ever been possible before.

We found a way for everyone to win!

Origin Story

Once upon a time, there was a short and passionate visual effects artist working online from home. He loved his work, and always did his best to push himself so he could provide the best possible quality to every customer. He learned new things every day, always improving his skills, and his customers were very pleased with his work.

There was only one problem; he never seemed to have enough coins! He worked and worked and worked, sometimes without sleep, to meet the client's deadlines. But no matter what he did, the pay never quite matched the number of worked hours.

"What am I going to do?", he asked himself. "Should I sacrifice quality to work faster for a better rate?", "Should I accept projects I'm not passionate about, for better pay?", "Should I move to another country where the cost of living is cheaper so I can compete with international rates?". But the thought of these solutions made him sad.

One day, the young visual effects artist decided to go on an adventure. He got on an aeroplane and flew half way across the world. When he finally got off the plane, he was in a strange and mysterious place called "China".

China was a land full of magic and adventure. The Chinese magic made it hard for him to return home for a while. But it was ok, he didn't mind staying because he had good friends. He discovered mysterious fruits, met memory magicians and learned how to read ancient runes. Then one day, something unexpected happened...

The little artist was quietly drinking tea, thinking about life, when suddenly a giant ball of magical entrepreneurial Chinese energy appeared out of nowhere and crashed into him!

Suddenly, the solution was clear. "What if artists don't have to trade time for money in one-off projects?", "What if artists could make something exceptional, not for one customer, but for the whole world?", "What if customers could get exactly what they need, for cheaper and faster than ever before?"

The little artist looked directly into the camera which had magically appeared in his house. He knew what he needed to do.